Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What happened to the Rhythm of Boston (93.7 FM)?

And more importantly, what the hell is MIKE FM??

I was very disappointed on my commute into work this morning to discover that my favourite morning radio show was gone. In fact, the whole STATION was gone, along with its lovely dance/disco format and in its place was DJ-less bland FM. Where were my catty DJs, Ralphie and Karen? Where was my horoscope?? WHERE WAS MY CELEBRITY GOSSIP???

I mentioned this to my colleague AB who went to the source (aka the Internet) and turned up the info that the station was sold and all the DJs FIRED!!! I was horrified! No warning to us listeners!

Therefore a strongly worded e-mail was composed:

Subject: wholly disappointed
To: "mikefeedback@937mikefm.com"
What happened to the great Star 93.7? The new format is terrible.
Karen Blake--bring her back! We want the Star Report! I hope you have other people listening--I'm not.

The reply came back from the station an hour later:
Subject: Re: wholly disappointed
Reply-To: mikefeeback@937mikefm.com

Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Please know that we
really value your opinion, and we appreciate your taking the time to
share it with us.

We loved Star 93.7 just as much as you did... and like you, we will
truly miss the talented group of on-air personalities who gave their all
to Star.

Our new format does not have live on-air personalities; right now we are
focusing on playing as much great music as possible, which means less

Star's listeners were loyal and passionate; unfortunately, there just
weren't enough of them to sustain the format.

We do hope you'll give Mike a chance. We think you'll like what you
hear (and we promise you'll hear EVERYTHING). We will always welcome
your comments.

Stacy Pollack
Director of Marketing
93.7 Mike FM

Needless to say, I will be taking Mike FM off my pre-programed stations on the drive home.


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