Monday, March 31, 2008

Birds go flying at the speed of sound, to show you how it all began.

I was on vacation last week in Florida, visiting my parents for Easter down in Sarasota. Shortly after 8:30pm on Wednesday night, we were interrupted while watching a movie by a very loud boom. None of us knew what the noise could have been, and my dad went outside to investigate. It sounded like an electrical transformer exploding (which I encountered in college the night the lights went out in Woo) or even a bomb going off! I was concerned about him going outside, but there was nothing to be seen except the neighbors going outside to investigate too. At a loss, he came back in, and we restarted the film. (It was Enchanted, by the way. We all hated it.)

The next day we read in the paper what the noise was: the space shuttle Endeavor broke the sound barrier when it was landing. For a moment, I felt like I belonged in The Right Stuff!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday's Child

Despite how it may look, there is not a uniform policy in the office at work. Diana just happens to idolize my style, that is all. :) I don't think we could have dressed more alike if we had planned it.

Heading with some lovely friends to the Gardner Museum after work to partake of the Third Thursday activities. I hear that it is lots of fun, and the gross old man quotient is at a low. Plus, art and socializing is always good.

My friend Emily gave me a whoopee cushion for my birthday. I don't think that I have ever had one of these before. I think that I might need to make up for lost time. Look out, office mates. I might need to use this on the Protégé. She also gave me a retro penmanship kit which reminds me of the time in the second grade I tried to teach myself cursive from a book and misread it thinking that the capital "J" was actually a capital "I". I ended up writing my mom an interesting letter about how much "J love her."

I wonder if she saved that.

There is going to be tea this afternoon. Tea is always a good thing. I am very much looking forward to the tea.

Note to WBOS 92.9FM: people who are in their early 30s (for at least one more day) seriously do not need you to identify yourself as an "oldies" radio station when you are playing songs like "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana or "Back on the Chain Gang" by The Pretenders. You are going to end up giving me a complex.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Under Pressure

I am so out of it/stressed out that yesterday I walked into the shower and took a shower with my glasses on. It was only when they fogged up that I realized that I had forgotten to take them off!!


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