Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Year of the Sidecar - Progress Report

Last night, I was watching a new episode of Doctor Who, and, in it, the Doctor's companion, Donna Noble, orders a sidecar to drink. I let out a whoop of joy. The message has been spread across the pond!

Not that it matters at all that the episode was set in the 1920s... nope, it is all about me bringing back the classic cocktails. Donna also mentions a Harvey Wallbanger, which is on the short list for 2009. :-)

One problem with Donna's sidecar - no sugared rim!! C'mon folks, it's part of the drink!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kill Your Television

Every week, I watch "Lost" thinking "this is it, I am done. The last one. I am not going to watch this show after tonight's episode." And then they throw something at me like last night's episode, and I am totally sucked in for another week. Curse you, "Lost", you are like the mafia. Every time I try to get out, you pull me back in. (Thank goodness next week's is the season finale.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things that Make Me Happy

Lots going on at the moment, but I thought I would take some time jot down some good things going on in life at the moment.

1. Burritos from Anna's Taqueria. Seriously addictive and such a tasty lunchtime meal.

2. Muse. They were featured on "Live from Abbey Road" on the Sundance Channel, and it made me love them even more. I am nowhere near their biggest fan, but I have some serious love for this band.

3. Continuing on the theme of good things found on the Sundance Channel, I am totally hooked on Slings and Arrows and have rented the entire series from Netflix. If you are not familiar with this show, it is about a Shakespeare Theater Festival in Canada, and the ins and outs of their production seasons. It is clever; it is charming; it is a pretty accurate portrayal of the backbiting in the theater world. Makes me miss my college theater years desperately. (Plus, one of the "Slings and Arrows" writers wrote the musical The Drowsy Chaperone, which was one of the most funny musicals I had experienced in quite some time.)

4. The generic form of Veramyst nasal spray. It is totally knocking my allergies on their butts. Touche, allergies!

5. Catherine Tate on the new series of "Doctor Who". I didn't really like her character Donna when she turned up in the Christmas special before series 3, but I seriously love her right now. Donna is totally accessible. I feel if I were going to end up being a companion to the Doctor, she is the kind of companion I would be, except I would not be so up for the running. There is seriously LOADS of running. (It made me laugh when Donna mentioned all the running in the most recent episode.) I don't do running; it makes one sweaty. Yick.

6. Interred with Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell. It is like The DaVinci Code for Shakespeare fans. I am having a hard time putting it down. BONUS POINTS for geographically accurate description of Harvard Square. (I had a dream inspired by this book the other night: I was at the Courtyard Theater in Stratford, waiting to see Hamlet, and I ended up sitting next to Oprah Winfrey, who engaged me in a debate about what makes a quality sandwich and the authorship of the plays written by William Shakespeare. I then went on a manic search throughout the theater desperately hunting for... a bathroom. I really need to get out more.)

7. I am really excited to see The History Boys at the Calderwood Pavilion this Friday. I totally loved the film; it will be interesting to see how it transfers to Boston, (I wonder if they are going to do it with accents.) The biggest concern I have is that it is going to be weird seeing it without Richard Griffiths because he was such an integral part of my enjoyment of the film. But the reviews are good, and I think it will be a fun evening out with my friends.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Speculation is the Enemy of Calm

It is nice when people email you to tell you that they were thinking of you while they were watching "Cranford" on Masterpiece Classic. It is because I am soooo classic, just like Dame Judi Dench (although I think my character is more like Eileen Atkins.)


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