Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cinema Verite

From today's
The uniflix: Date night made easy
Alright fellas, you’re in a semi-new relationship and have decided to pack it in for the night and watch a few DVD rentals. This is the most crucial point in your relationship thus far. No worries. The Lighter Side proudly introduces something we like to call the “uniflix,” a film to please the ladies without losing your 'so-called' edge.

She isn’t going to cuddle up next to you and watch “The Godfather,” or “Braveheart,” or “The Usual Suspects,” even though those movies rock! But stick to these films and you should be on Easy Street anytime you two lovebirds decide to make it a watch-tv-at-home night.

Uh, stop right there, I would watch ANY of those movies anytime, anywhere. In fact, I can quote much of the dialogue from those three movies without thinking about it.

Fellahs, you can start beating down my door any time now.

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