Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ramble on

I really like the new Dresden Dolls album. I have been listening to it a lot in the car on my early morning/late evening commutes to and from the office. I have been spending a lot of time at the office of late. The really sad thing I realized this morning: I had put on my name tag before I even left the house and I didn't bother taking it off during the time that I popped out of my event to run up to the office to answer e-mail and harass people about their details for their upcoming events. I am either getting really lazy or I am building up a tolerance to self-identification. Let's hope it is the former rather than the latter.

I thought that I had found a new place to live, but I don't think that it is going to work out (it's just too much money for a three flight walk-up,) which means I get to spend another Sunday going to open houses in Brookline... It is so horribly frustrating. I HATE spending my Sundays looking at crappy places and coming home utterly disappointed by aforementioned crap. I honestly wish that I could just pick my apartment up, like some benevolent giant, and move it to a nice quiet area within walking distance to Coolidge Corner. I don't think that is asking all that much, but apparently, it is. The good thing is, every day is a fresh start with promise in the house hunt. And I am not being sarcastic; every day something new comes on the market that outwardly meets my criteria. When I realized I couldn't buy the place that I really liked, I drank two Stella Artois, said to myself "fuck it" and got over it surprisingly easy, and that wasn't the beer talking. It makes a difference that I can take my time with this; the first time I bought, I was facing an expiring lease!!

The weather has been utterly springlike this past month, and it is absolutely wonderful.
Here are some other wonderful things:
* Peter Pan
* sharing silence with a kindred soul
* unabridged dictionaries
* a standing ovation
* tolerance

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