Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Back in session

Well, it looks like summer is really finally over. The students are back to school, and all the traffic is back to its pre-summer conditions, which makes for a little bit less than smooth sailing on the ride in to work. That just means that I will have to stop lollygagging in the morning, watching "Buffy" on FX while trying to wake up out of my sleep stupor.

August was pretty wonderful weather wise, sunny and cooler. Most importantly, it wasn't so overwhelmingly hot that I thought I was going to have to kill myself or that I was going to go broke trying to cool my apartment, which is how much of July was. Now that September is here, it really is on the cooler side. I just wish that the sun would come out. This can't still be residual Ernesto, can it?

I bought three pairs of shoes at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) over the weekend, which probably wasn't the most fiscally responsible move I have ever made. Two of the three pairs though are actually replacing pairs of shoes that have seen better days, and all three pairs are (event) work appropriate. I got a pair of simple Life Stride black loafers, a pair of cognac colored Nine West ankle boots and a pair of black Mudd Mary Janes with kitten heels that are SO cute. Of course, I still have the problem that I really don't have ANY weekend loaf around shoes other than boots and red pseudo bowling shoes that I got at Payless ages ago. But I have resisted all temptation to buy more Chuck Taylors, which do NOT fit into the plan of only buying shoes that match my new "adult" attitude, which I don't really have, but am still working on.

I liked all of today's 5 Things to be Happy About, so I thought that I would share:
the soft, cool feel of flour
bagpipe music
pens clicking open
a footbridge creaking
red wine's earthy aroma

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  1. i LOVE those mary janes! now i will just have to keep myself from hitting the shops to get the same ones for meself -- and as far as chuck taylors go, if you want them, get them! they're for kids of any age, which includes us "adults".



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