Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Trying to fight "The Man"

I have been suffering from acid issues all day today, but the good news is it isn't because I was drinking soda. YAY!! Back to the Diet Coke, which I initially thought was to blame! Stupid stress and raw onions in breakfast burritos. DOH! Who puts raw onions in breakfast burritos??

I have to warn you that I am having one of my "I hate people" days. I have been eating all day; I am going to explode. Francisco, who is the waiter working my event, just laughs at me. He also told me that I was so bored that I was being boring. Sad thing is, he is right. I think that he rocks, plus he has a very interesting story, having emigrated from Mexico to come here to study. In Mexico, he taught in university; here he is a waiter. Ahh, the American dream. (But he is practicing his English and that is important to him.)

My beloved student worker Protégé is going to come back to work for us in the spring semester. YAY!!! That is the best news of the week, even better than my Coke news.

I had nightmares all night that I was being pursued by a serial killer. I even woke up and fell back to sleep in the same dream. And I keep having dreams that I am friends with Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls, but not last night. Serial killer.

That is my randomness, and this is just the first day my three day hell week!! I am hoping that Punk Rock Mom might join me for chamomile cocktails at Rendezvous after work on Friday, but as of right now, I just want to go to bed. But I might feel differently on Friday; it is so far away.

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