Thursday, January 4, 2007

It's Gonna be a Happy New Year

1. So Christmas wasn't a complete bust, but it certainly wasn't one of the delightful Christmases of my childhood. I suppose that is to be expected as one grows up, and the magic of Christmas turns into the consumerism of adulthood, but it still is rather disappointing.

2. I had to try on bridesmaid dresses the day after Christmas. OOF!T here were no mirrors in the dressing rooms, only in the middle of the dress shop. The dresses were all ridiculously small, even though they said they were size 10 (I think that they might have been a size 10 for MODELS.) Talk about a lesson in humility. The lessons I have learned from all this bridal stuff is my wedding is going to be so utterly simple, and the bridesmaids can wear trousers. Hell, I might even wear trousers.

3. New Year's Eve was very fun. I hadn't planned on doing anything, but my friend JR invited me over her house for a small gathering with Chinese food and board games. We played two: Apples to Apples and Seven Deadly Sins (I did very well at "anger"...surprise surprise,) both of which are loads of fun. We watched the ball drop, drank champagne and then turned on the James Bond marathon on Encore. As far as I am concerned, nothing says "holiday" like a good old fashioned James Bond marathon. The next day, I went over Sauce's house with my interior decorator cap on, hung some pictures on the wall and read back issues of Vanity Fair while watching Bridget Jones' Diary...

4. ...I realized that this year is my Bridget Jones' year, meaning I was thirty-two at the start of the year and will be turning thirty-three during the course of the year. I hope that I meet my Mark Darcy this year.

5. In an attempt to have a "healthier, better able to fit into a bridesmaid dress, become the future wife of Mark Darcy" year, I started going back to the gym and have now been there for the past four of six days. My energy levels are greatly improved and my stress levels are down, with the exception of my teeth. Yup. Still grinding. (Even had TMJ on Christmas Eve...) The gym is such a wonderful place for people watching. I just hope that no one is watching ME when I am working out (mostly because I look like a complete maniac on the treadmill, charging along to my iPod.)

6. I am totally hooked on this Orbit citrus mint gum which I have been using before meetings for a quick freshen up. So tasty and really does leave you with that "just brushed feeling." Look! Truth in marketing, who knew??

7. I received a box from in the mail this morning with a whole bunch of stuff I didn't receive for Christmas that I asked for and still wanted, namely the "Bleak House" and "Brideshead Revisted" miniseries. I am SO ready for the first snowstorm of the year where I can hunker down and immerse myself in the world of Jarndyce and Jarndyce and the lives and loves of the Marchmains. I had placed my order right after Christmas and had it sent through Super Saver Shipping, so I kind of had forgotten exactly what I ordered which made opening the box very exciting. Presents!! For me! From me!! How delightful.

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