Friday, May 4, 2007

I am totally addicted to Grey's Anatomy... HELP!

Last night's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" left much to be desired, but that didn't really matter, because I am totally hooked. I was utterly exhausted and was taping the episode for a friend and still had to stay up to watch the two hours of mindless soapy goodness. The tie in to next season's spin off was not as seemless as I think they hoped it would be, but the cast is certainly impressive!

I can't believe how good Tim Daly looks. He is getting hotter the older he gets, which, oddly enough, is the same thing that happened to, Patrick Dempsey. I just MELTED when Tim first showed up in the elevator, and, then when he kissed Addison, I totally had this WHOA moment. I am so going to have to watch this show, aren't I? And I wasn't supposed to add any new shows to my Must See TV!! It was great to see two of my fave people from "Alias" (Francie/Alison and Sark) show up on last night's episode; I totally had a reunion squee!! I was also kind of upset to see Piz from "Veronica Mars" on the show, especially when he FINALLY smooched Veronica on Tuesday's episode!! I am afraid of the implications that means for "VM"; it better not be cancelled. (I like his hair much better on VM than GA anyhow.)

Thoughts for "GA" future ::SPOILERS:: :

1. How much do you want to bet that Burke and Christina don't get married? He keeps rushing her into stuff, and I think that last night he finally realized that.

2. Izzie and George are KILLING ME. I love Callie and don't want her to get hurt (she was HYSTERICAL about being a bridesmaid,) but I wanted Izzie and George together from the first season!!!

3. Do we think that Alex and Ava will get together? I think that he is really underexplored and there are many layers in there. He has been a hard nut to crack from the beginning, and his contradictions make him fascinating! I also think that Ava is a spy, which is why she knows languages... because that would be a really crazy twist.

4. I can't believe they killed Step-Mommy Mere Winingham!!! It was because of her that I was actually starting to like Meredith, which is something I never expected!

5. I have a horrible feeling that the person collapsed on the floor in next week's episode is my beloved Dr. Bailey!!! If they mess with Bailey, I am making a speedy departure.

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  1. Thanks for taping it.

    --Hooked in Lexington



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