Monday, October 29, 2007

I love a Parade!

While many Bostonians spent most of yesterday in front of their tvs watching the Patriots and then the Red Sox kicking butt, I was outside at the JP Lantern parade. Every year, the community of Jamaica Plain hosts this "spontaneous celebration" right before Halloween. It is a wonderful tradition and really fun for everyone.

Our group of friends gathered at JR's house beforehand, and then walked down to Jamaica Pond. This year, we had a significant number of children in our group. When we first started going to the lantern parade, it was a group of young adults and now, we are bringing our own children with us. I guess that we really are growing up!

There were loads of people down at the Pond, many of whom were in costumes, including two men dressed as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson carrying metal and glass lanterns (they were my favorite.) I didn't wear a costume. In fact, I wore two coats as it was rather nippy. There was live music and beverages and a variety of different lanterns to buy. Halfway around the Pond, we were treated to a performance by some young Morris dancers, which was really sweet.

After we had made it around the Pond, and were treated to the sight of an amazing autumn moon, we headed back to JR's house for hot apple cider and crisp. Yum! I had missed the lantern parade last year, but I was so glad to get the chance to go this year with my wonderful friends. It is events like this that make me so glad that I have such a great urban family.

Lanterns Lanterns
Morris dancers Lanterns

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