Monday, December 10, 2007

Artsy Fartsy

This weekend, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to check out the new exhibit about Napoleon and the Empire Style. I went with my aunts, who didn't know very much about Napoleon. Little did they know that the beginning of the 19th Century in England and France is MY TIME PERIOD! So yeah, between me and the audio guide, they learned a lot about Napoleon on Saturday, perhaps more than they ever wanted to know. I went around hunting for bee imagery because I am a nerd. I was glad that the museum actually mentioned some of the important things to know about Napoleon in the exhibit, providing a context for the style in the furniture and clothes and decorations.

We got to the museum early, so we took some time to check out other exhibits. In a special exhibit called "Shy Boy, She Devil, and Isis: The Art of Conceptual Craft. Selections from the Wornick Collection", there was a Chihuly glass seaform. That made me so happy, I took a photo with my cellphone.
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They had two original Chihulys (very small) in the gift shop at the MFA. I called Sister K about it. If we bought one of those for our parents for Christmas, we would be set on gifts FOR LIFE.

Can you tell that I haven't even thought about shopping yet?

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