Monday, January 14, 2008

The First Snow Storm of 2008

I took the T in to Hynes and then switched to the bus because NOTHING in Allston was shoveled or plowed. There is really nothing like riding the B line on a crummy Monday morning. < /irony>

The one funny thing was that the majority of the people taking the train this morning were united in their annoyance at having to come to work in a blizzard so it was very quiet and people were polite.

I am so glad that I have a Charlie Card. It makes a HUGE difference in the life of this occasional public transportation traveler. We had to come in on time today; I just hope that we get early dismissal later!

1 comment:

  1. Hope that you got out early!
    Frist snow storm?! HA! We have had many, many, many FEET of snow this year!!!
    I don't even know what kind of shrubs I have planted in front of my house...because they are all BURIED!
    Glad you enjoyed the first snow storm. ;)



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