Monday, April 28, 2008

I said I would rather be with your friends, mate

Another really good champagne/sparkling wine is Sofia by Francis Coppola. It is super yummy. (Exactly why it is super yummy is a little muddled at the moment, but it really was.) And in a really pretty pink bottle with a pretty label. And yes, I did buy it because it was named after rocking writer/director Sofia Coppola (geek grin) and in a pretty bottle, but it tasted SO GOOD. Also, tastes divine with both strawberries and blue cheese.

Saturday night was a ridiculously fun time. I had invited "The Ladies" over to watch movies ostensibly (a Zombie Double Feature of Shaun of the Dead and Army of Darkness) but it degraded turned into a night of discussion, the quality of which rapidly eroded after the consumption of champagne and sidecars into a reflection on high school, movies, and music, and I dug out my old Charlie Sexton tapes and made people listen while PunkRockMom and I reflected on the music from our youth.

In the meantime, my friend MEM directs me to the blog Fail, which is really big on the schaudenfreude.

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