Monday, June 9, 2008

Still here

I have been ultra busy of late, with work and with life. Through the thoughtfulness of a colleague, I got to see JK Rowling do her thing over at Harvard. My favorite part of her speech was about her college friends: "The friends with whom I sat on graduation day have been my friends for life. They are my children's godparents, the people to whom I've been able to turn in times of real trouble, friends who have been kind enough not to sue me when I took their names for Death Eaters." I ended up leaving voice mail messages for a couple of my best college friends after that. JK is utterly right on that front; they have certainly turned out to be among the best friends in my life.

My friend Ellen took a photo of The Protégé in her cap and gown with her fellow Sloan grads. I missed seeing her march because I was across the street getting ready for the lunch (we were five minutes late), but I got to see it on the archived simulcast. I miss her already.

Events last week were particularly stressful. My car crapped out the day before a big work event, and I was stuck relying on cabs and public transportation. I realized during this particular occasion how much I really am a person who needs her car. Having the car is a huge part of my freedom and mobility, and having it taken away unexpectedly was a real blow. How American can you get? When I got it back, I did even blink at the cost of filling up the tank; I was THAT HAPPY to have my car returned.

I babysat this weekend for the Niblet while his PunkRockMom was out of town on business. Sitting through a Little League game in the sun and heat on Saturday I think earned me a cosmic/karmic prize. Good grief. Poor kid was not in good shape at the end of that game. Whose idea is it to play baseball in the summer, outside, in polyester? Lots of Gatorade was administered, STAT, along with some really good grapes we picked up at Shaw's.

After watching a good number of episodes of series one and two of "Doctor Who", we spent Sunday in the dark (relative) coolness of the NE Aquarium. My favorite fish was the octopus, with the turtle running a close second. The Niblet enjoyed the sharks (what nine year old boy DOESN'T like the sharks?) Afterwards, we went outside for a short walk around the harbor where the Niblet found seven decent sized jellyfish swimming right next to the dock. Yuck. I mean, cool, science.

After this weekend, I think that my maternal needs have been fulfilled for the time being. (Don't get me wrong. He was VERY well behaved, and we had a lot of fun despite the fact that many of the things I suggested we do were "strange". I did get bonus points for introducing the Niblet to Pizzaria Regina and for making a shepherd's pie that went over very well (I thought it had too much gravy.) I just have realized more than ever that I am not cut out for single parenthood.) Well, I thought that until I saw my friend D's little bibs and Onesies she customized as baby gifts for some friends of hers. Maybe I don't want children; maybe I just want dolls to dress.

I plan on spending this week in the air conditioning as much as possible and catching up on a lot of missed sleep.

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