Friday, September 19, 2008

Target Makes Everything Better

I have been spending a lot of extra hours at the office over the course of the last week or so, and, last night, I ended up leaving at ten minutes to eight. I decided that I deserved a little present for all the hard work that I had been putting in, and that present was going to be the Keurig coffee pot that I had been contemplating the purchase of for the last month or so. Sister K has a pretty fancy one at her house, and I spend a ridiculous amount of money every week buying coffee from the shop that brews Green Mountain at work ($10/week really adds up.)

(Starbucks went on the back burner at the beginning of the summer when the price of petrol went through the roof, even though the Starbucks still cost more than a gallon of gas.)

So I got to Target, grabbed a carriage, and went off in search of my coffee maker. And there it was - on sale! I spent the $99 I budgeted for it, but then I got a $10 Target gift card with my purchase. (I plan to use that very soon.) And I was able to pick up the same kind of coffee that I had been buying at work. (I did the math, and I am not going to save a ton of money by making the coffee at home, but I will be reducing my carbon footprint in cup consumption. That is an added bonus. (And if anyone knows a reason that I won't really be reducing my carbon footprint, please don't tell me; ignorance is bliss.)

I also needed some Downy fabric softener for this weekend's laundry, and that too was on sale! Clearly, the shopping gods were looking down favorably on me.

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