Sunday, December 28, 2008

This isn't funny anymore

Tonight driving back from my parents in CT, I popped a tire on a pothole and possibly did some damage to the front axle of my car (according to the man from AAA, it is leaking oil.)

Fortunately, I was pretty close to home when this happened (Nonantum Road/Soldiers Field Road at Charlesbank Road in Watertown) and was able to get the car home before the tire went completely flat. And also, no one was hurt when this happened. (I am trying to count my blessings here, despite a LOT of frustration. It was VERY scary and upsetting.)

The tire also couldn't be removed from the axle because of the salt from the snow has the wheel sealed onto the axle (it took a lot of WD40 just to get the screws out) so AAA couldn't replace the flat with the spare. So, Monday morning, I am going to try to get my car (affectionately known as "the money pit") towed to the dealer (fun times) to see if they can get the tire off, replace the tire, and fix the leaking axle. I am hoping to be at work no later than noon, but if it turns into drama, I might just take the day. This sucks because it is going to be a quiet week, and it is a WASTE of a personal day.

Not to mention, while waiting for AAA, I MISSED celebrating the last night of Hannukah with JR. I not only suffered frustration and anxiety, but I missed brisket because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts doesn't have their act together to keep Nonantum/Soldiers Field Road/Storrow Drive well-paved. They either need to keep the road in decent shape or light it better. (I totally didn't see the pothole in the dark.) Please note that I only ask for one or the other because I realize that asking for both is a bit of a stretch < / end sarcasm>.

ETA: Thanks to the folks over at Universal Hub for correcting me on the location. I wasn't really sure what the road was called at that particular location and took an incorrect guess at it. In my defense, I was both upset and hungry. :)

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