Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meeting New People

I took the T into work yesterday because of the snow storm. (We got a foot of snow, but the 'Tute was "open and operating as usual"; although, they were excusing people who got in late, which was nice.) After getting off the green line at Hynes, I waited for about 20 minutes for the bus and was joined shortly after getting to the stop by one of my colleagues, AB.

When we finally got on the bus, AB recognized one of her friends from another part of the 'Tute, and she introduced us. We exchanged greetings and started to talk about the weather for a moment or two, when my new acquaintance shifted gears and asked me "what are you?", not in terms of what I did, but who I am.

My immediate answer, didn't even need to think about it, "an Anglophile". AB agreed with my answer wholeheartedly. Her friend found that very amusing.

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