Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where I Go On About Easter Candy

Last night, I popped into CVS to pick up some allergy medication and was ambushed by Easter candy. It was sneak attack, and, the next thing I knew, I was surrounded! Seriously though, in my experience as a candy connoisseur, Easter candy has got to be the best seasonal candy out there.

You have your:
Cadbury Cream Eggs
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
Peeps (I like the pink bunnies best - especially when you open up the package and let them get a little stale first)
Jelly Beans (I am a big fan of Munson's mini jelly beans from Connecticut)
and, up until last year, the classic (yet, sadly, discontinued) Russell Stover Butter Bon Coconut Nests

Last year, Sister K and I were on a hunt for the Russell Stover Butter Bon Coconut Nests (because the milk chocolate aren't nearly as tasty), and we couldn't find them, despite the fact we checked several drugs store chains and places like Target and Stop and Shop. My friend D and I were talking about Easter candy, and she started to tell me about HER favorite Easter candy, when we both realized that we liked the same stuff, including the Russell Stover Butter Bon Coconut Nests. She didn't know where they had disappeared to EITHER.

This is why I am glad we have the internet. We searched and searched and found the fateful information that our delicious chocolates no longer existed, but we also found people who were in the same predicament - people who regretted the end of the green, coconuty deliciousness. I hope that the folks over at Russell Stovers rethink that decision and come back with the Butter Bon Coconut Nests for next Easter. Otherwise, I am going to end up being just a Cadbury girl.

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