Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My brains are going into my feet

Dear mother of God, there were creamy buttermilk ranch potato chips (kettle style) in my bag o'lunch from our event today. I didn’t know such things existed. I wonder if you can buy them in bulk?

Also, three of my favorite people hung out today (HOORAY!!!):

(Prince Philip was there too, but he's a snooze.) Look at Michelle and the Queen rockin' the pearls. Nobody smiles like Barack. When he smiles, I feel better. Michelle is such a stylin' First Lady.

I finally watched Twilight, but I didn't find it as entertaining (crackolicious) as the books. However, if you listen to the audio commentary, you will soon realize that RPattz is crackolicious (and possibly just cracked.) At one point, he totally started babbling about something, and the director ended up channeling Joan Cusack, straight out of Sixteen Candles: "uh, yeah, Rob". He also started talking about things he loved that aren't actually in the movie. WTH? I laughed and laughed. I also came to the conclusion that Twilight isn't as good if you aren't snarking it. I may have been spoiled by the excellent Cleolinda, who also makes me laugh and laugh. She does the TwiSnark so well.

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