Tuesday, July 21, 2009

With JR in JP

Last Thursday, JR and I went down to the Forest Hills Cemetery Lantern Festival after grabbing some supper at the Dogwood Cafe, where I had a fantastic French dip sandwich from the specials' menu. (Props to the Dogwood for toasting the roll; everything tastes better on toast.) Because we got to the cemetery on the later side, we missed taking pictures in the twilight, but I was able to capture a couple before my point and shoot camera's battery died.

Note to self: if you attend an event with the purpose of taking some cool photos (and trust me, JR and I were not the only ones. In fact some girl was asking JR questions about her camera because they had the same one, and she wasn't sure how to use it. Ah, youth.) double check that you have charged the battery. OOPS!

While I was a disappointed that I didn't get some better snaps, at least we didn't get eaten alive by mosquitoes. AND we had a really fun time catching up at dinner, which really was the more important part of the evening.

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