Friday, June 11, 2010

"You"ll Dance to Anything"*

Tomorrow night, JR, Stacie D, and I are heading out to see the Dead Milkmen at a sold out show at the Middle East. I have been super excited about this show since I first heard about it, although I will admit to a wee bit of apprehension about it too (the way one does with reunion tours.)

I was introduced to the band back in high school by one of the boys on the yearbook staff, and I loved them. They had a great punk sound, and their lyrics were so clever and sarcastic. My favorite songs were "Stuart" ("you're not like the other people here in the trailer park"), "Instant Club Hit" ("You'll dance to anything by De-pesh-cah Mode"), and "Beach Party Vietnam" ("Surfing with the Viet Cong, Cookin' hot dogs with napalm"). I didn't know too many people who were really into them when I was in high school, but I certainly met a few more once I moved to Boston. In fact, PunkRockMom got her nickname in part because the Milkmen's most popular song was "Punk Rock Girl". (She and I sang "Bitchin' Camaro" at work on a number of occasions.)

JR and I were discussing what we were going to wear to the show and what we thought the crowd was going to be like. It was decided that jeans, tees, and Chucks would be okay. Nothing fancier than that needed for what we suspect/hope will be a crowd made up of aging alt rockers and hipsters. The nice thing about being at the younger end of Generation X is that we won't be the oldest people at that show; I wonder how young the youngest people will be.

* lyrics from "Instant Club Hit" by The Dead Milkmen

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