Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Garden of Good and Evil (?)

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I was in NB, CT visiting with my family, and late in the day on Saturday afternoon, I saw my first hummingbird!!! It seemed to me that as soon as my brain comprehended what it was seeing, the hummingbird zipped away. I didn't get an opportunity to take a photo of it. (Like I would have even known how to begin to do that.) My parents were amused by my reaction because they had seen hummingbirds in this particular section of their garden for a number of years now, but I honestly do not ever remember seeing one before.

Despite my intense/irrational fear of birds (pecking my eyes out), I was actually hoping that I would get a chance to see it again the following evening. (Me actually wanting to see a bird is soooo rare, as folks can attest. Heck, I back away slowly from chickadees.) Sadly for me, it didn't make an encore appearance. (That might have been a good thing in the long run, because a bird flying that fast, with a beak that sharp and pointy, could DEFINITELY peck my eyes out.)

From this photo, you can see why it likes this area; it has "Hummingbird Docking Station" written all over it.

Flox, "Lucifer" Crocosmia

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