Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things to do on a rainy Sunday

Looking for something to do on a rainy day in Connecticut? Well, look no further. The New Britain Museum of American Art has a couple of really great exhibits going on, in addition to their permanent collection, which includes works by Cassatt, Benton, Hassam, and Bierstadt.

I was supposed to go to Tanglewood this past weekend with my family, but the weather was against us so we went to the museum instead. I was really glad we did, or, otherwise, I would have missed two fantastic art exhibits! The first one, which closes on September 2, is by Mystic-based painter Dan Truth, and it is a beautiful collection of landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits that are both realistic and impressionistic at the same time. I could have stared at his work all day. Some of them looked like Edward Hopper could have painted them, while others invoked the touch of the Dutch masters.

The other exhibit I loved was of works by Hudson River School artists that were on loan from the Metropolitan Museum in New York. I do love the Hudson River School. The romantic qualities of their landscapes are not lost on this fan of Realism. (To be honest, it is the imagined stories are part of my love for the Realistic paintings of Edward Hopper. As I have said before, I feel as if he paints the way that O. Henry wrote.) Frederic Church's The Parthenon was stellar. The way he captured the light... the photos of this that I found on the internet just do not do it justice. You need to see this in person. So go before it closes in November!!

(There is also an exhibit of the lithographs of MC Escher. But as he isn't American, and there is already an exhibit of his work at the Museum of Science here in Boston, that didn't make my top two reasons for going to the NBMAA.)

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