Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Difficult choices

So over on Facebook, PBS is having a Masterpiece "March Madness" to celebrate Masterpiece's 40th year on television. (Huzzah for Masterpiece!!) They have created brackets, and viewers/fans vote every day on one of the pairings to advance their favorite characters from over the course of the 40 years.

Yesterday's bracket: Mr. Darcy vs. Mr. Rochester. Are you kidding me? How are you supposed to choose between Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester? That is just MEAN!!! How can a reasonable person make that choice (pretending, of course, that I am a reasonable person)? I first did "eenie, meenie, miney, moe" and then ended up voting for Mr. Rochester because he was trailing.
I think that Mr. Darcy vs. Heathcliff would have been a much more interesting match-up. (I would be voting for Mr. Darcy, NATURALLY.) It would be interesting to see who would be voting for Heathcliff, especially if it were Tom Hardy's Heathcliff. ;-)

In that train of thought, I wanted to mention that I bought myself Kate Beaton's Bronte sisters picnic tee shirt recently. (It is super soft and fits really nicely.) The joke was totally lost on Sisters K & B. I think it is brillant. I might wear it to the next meeting of book club.

Building on the whole "Heathcliff" thing, do you remember the Kate Bush song Wuthering Heights from the 1980s? If you do, you might appreciate this. British funnyman/actor Noel Fielding did a lip sync cover of the emo "red dress" video for the song for Red Nose Day 2011 on BBC One. I was laughing so hard at this the other day that I started to cry.


  1. Once I thought Kate Bush was Jimmy Fallon singing.

  2. I NEED that tee shirt, and I need it by tomorrow noon! Too late, I suppose. But tomorrow is the day six of us will be seeing the new Jane Eyre (hence, the need for the tee shirt) and then coming back home for a Jane Eyre afternoon tea! (Afternoon tea is my "thing," if you haven't noticed). Two of us have watched every version over the last few months. We had several Jane Eyre marathon days. My husband named us "the Eyre-heads"!

  3. Jean, I am going to see the movie on Sunday and I CAN'T WAIT!! I hope that it is as good as I think it will be.

    Your husband's nickname for your tea group is fantastic! Which is your favorite version of Jane Eyre? I am partial to the version with Toby Stephens. The Morton/Hinds version is quite good too. The Zefferelli version has a lot of things I like, but William Hurt is totally miscast and that spoils it for me.

  4. We watched them pretty much in date order, and my favorite was the Morton/Hinds version ... UNTIL I saw the Toby Stephens! The other Eyre-head simply adored William Hurt's Mr. Rochester (go figure!) until Toby Stephens toppled him from her pedestal! The new one may change our minds, who knows? We'll have to compare notes after Sunday!



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