Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Vivir con miedo es como vivir en medias." ("A life lived in fear is a life half lived.")*

So there has been a bit of radio silence on this blog for the last few weeks. That's because my life has been a bit more hectic than normal... because I am selling my condo and leaving the Boston area. This means leaving my job of 11.5 years and my home of the last 12.5 years to move on to the great unknown...of Connecticut. (Yes, I am moving closer to my family, but I am also moving to a smaller community where I can afford a house with a little yard and the potential for growing a fabulous garden. Oh my God, how I would LOVE to have a garden. And a front porch. I'm thinking of a little Cape or 1920s bungalow. Pintrest has been a deadly time suck full of decorating ideas.)

I have been in a serious (and overly comfortable) rut for the last few years, and, as Je Glide recently told me, sometimes you need your life to be flipped on its head in order for things to fall into place. (Yoga has made her very Zen. I am SO taking up yoga.) So a week from tomorrow is my last day at work; a week from that, I sell my condo and move my stuff into storage.  Then I head out on a vacation/break before solidifying my next step. It is a long overdue/much needed break before starting out fresh. (Charleston, here I come!!)

I am sad about leaving Boston, especially about leaving my friends behind. (Who are probably going to forget me/have loads of fun without me... ::sobsob::)  However, I am trying to be more focused on being excited about starting something new. (It isn't like my friends aren't a phone call/text message/email away or that Boston isn't that far a drive away - and the road goes both ways!) I am trying to think of this as my life expanding rather than part of life ending. As new and scary and unknown as the future is, I am moving towards what I know is the right decision for me. (I hope!)

*from Strictly Ballroom


  1. Ha, I quote that line from Strictly Ballroom all the time!

  2. your home in Boston is so beautiful - i look forward to see what your new space will look like!! I will probably pick your brain for gardening tips, too :)



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