Monday, March 7, 2005

Not buying concert tickets... a rant

So I wasn't able to get seats for this leg of the Tori Amos tour, and I am highly peeved. I missed the pre-sale because the date for the show that I wanted to attend (Boston) wasn't up at the pre-announced time on It ended up showing up DAYS later, and, sorry, I can't be glued to the computer 24/7 to wait for the tickets. When I finally saw it, the pre-sale was sold out.

Saturday morning, right at noon when the tickets were supposed to go on sale, was offering seats in the REAR BALCONY of the Orpheum. And that's IT. Needless to say, I was not happy, and after checking with the friends with whom I had planned on attending the show, we didn't end up buying them. This is absolutely ridiculous, and I am (in the immortal words on Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda) DISAPPOINTED. Much as I was with the U2 situation from three weeks ago, where we ended up not getting tickets either. Well, there go my concert plans for the spring.

Congress REALLY needs to reexamine the process of ticket sales and on-line ticket sales in particular. This is totally ridiculous. I don't even CARE about the extra fees; at this point, I just want the opportunity to BUY the stupid tickets. I don't know who is buying out all these tickets, but I find it hard to believe that each ticket being sold actually has an ass to go into the seat.

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