Monday, February 7, 2005

I don't like Mondays... tell me why

First, a big shout out to Boston Mayor Tommy Menino, who put the fear of God into all crazy Bostonians, who made barely a peep on the streets last night, despite the Patriots taking home their third Super Bowl trophy in four years. Go Pats, but for the love of God, keep down the racket. Especially when I am suffering from the fourth consecutive day of migraines.

Next, it is a bad idea to watch a miniseries about Nazi invasion of the Channel Islands before going to bed.

Third, has anyone else been following the story about Weyco Inc, the Michigan company that is firing employees who will not quit smoking, as they have implemented a no-smoking policy both in an outside the workplace as of 1 January? Under Michigan law, this guy is protected as he is a private employer. Next people on his list: the overweight. Now I get why this guy is doing this: one would like a healthy work force, and the rising costs of health care paid by the employer, and the amount of health care needed proportionally by smokers to non-smokers can be considerable, but this is just OUT OF CONTROL. What gives the right of an employer to regulate what his employees do, so long as it is legal, outside the workplace? If the health care costs are such a big problem, change the employer contribution so that the employee has to fit more of the bill. This company already made it a policy not to hire smokers.

Now as an ex-smoker, I can testify that smoking is not a very healthy habit. Hell, I could barely climb a flight of stairs without getting winded when I was at my worst, but STILL, I defend the right of those who choose to smoke to smoke. And I oppose the employer having ANY say about what a person does on their own time. What is this?? 1984?? DAMN THE MAN!

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