Thursday, May 26, 2005

Day 20 million of rain

It's really funny when Co-Worker Nina randomly lets out an "ooooooooooh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiit." I don't why it is funny, because clearly something is wrong. I guess it is just the rarity in comparison to what comes out of my mouth, usually after I have hung up the phone on someone.


Went home from work early yesterday with RSI difficulties. Watched Empire of the Sun and Finding Neverland. Empire of the Sun should be retitled Finding Paul McGann, because while he is one of the top billed actors in the film, I sure couldn't locate him. It might have had something to do with the fact that I was looking for someone yelling "BEAT TO QUARTERS" though. Trip to the chiropractor was a big help; one should not underestimate the good feeling derived from an adjustment and electroshock/ultrasound therapy.

I was home in time to see both the "Lost" and "Alias" season finales. While I was totally entertained by my three hours planted in front of the boob tube, I was hoping for a little bit more from "Lost". SPOILER ALERT!!! Arnst blowing up was totally unexpected, but I KNEW that "the others" (who looked straight out of Deliverance) were after Walt and his magical powers. I was waiting for the Jack/Locke Celebrity Smackdown, and it never happened. When it does, my money is on Locke. And HELLO!?! what kind of friend is Sayid for LEADING Charlie to the heroin? (granted, in retrospect,I think that only Locke and Jack know about his junkie ways...) Charlie, how are you going to be a good role model for Turnip, er, Aaron, with your Virgin Mary on the Crack Pipe? (BTW, Aaron means "enlightened", I looked it up...what was Claire DOING during those nine months anyhow?) So after everything, including Hurley finally noticing "the numbers", the hatch leads to a ladder? Yes, the ladder to HELLLLLLLLLLL.

With regards to "The Incredibles" also know as "Alias", I was glad that they brought Richard, er, Brodien, back for balance. The rest of the episode was kind of boring, except for Mr. Bristow deciding that he wanted more fun in his life. ;-) GO SPYDADDY! I was really happy that Irina got away. Although if Vaughn and Sydney elope, how can she see Syd on her wedding day? Have a heart, Sydney; your mom is on the lam. I must say that last scene was totally intense: when Syd and Vaughn got hit by the car, I jumped out of the chair. HOLY MOLY! I want to know who Vaughn is if he isn't Vaughn. And if he isn't Vaughn then why is he so upset that Irina killed Vaughn's dad?? I wonder if Vaughn's imaginary dad is related to my imaginary children?

I think that I am going to see Dear Frankie after work tonight by myself. It will be the second time in my life that I have gone to the movies alone; I am thinking of this is terms of character development, as in MINE. (It is probably better this way, because I can't even watch Gerard Butler in the trailer without blushing, so so so cute.)

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