Tuesday, June 7, 2005

the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

We simply are in the process of transferring me over from a desktop to a laptop with a docking station. Oh the fun times that have been had by me and the IS team over the past three days. NOT

The weather here in Boston has been NUTS!! But I am glad that the rain has finally decided to depart. Although jumping from early April to mid-July wouldn't be the route that I would have taken. But hey! It's finally summer!! And I am wearing flip flops to work!!!

I was under the wrong impression that THIS weekend was Father's Day. It isn't, sadly. It is next weekend. When I have plans. I don't suppose that Congress would be willing to change the date this year to accommodate me. Not when they are all Republicans, any how.

Tonight, WFNX Best Music Poll on Landsdowne. I don't know if I am going to be able to make it through the whole night. I need some Diet Coke...STAT. For some reason, I am ungodly tired today. Must have been the waking up twice last night to noise in the road. I really need to install the air conditioner soon, because the open window isn't working out so well.

I made a Weight Watchers "pie" last night with pudding and Jello and fresh strawberries. I used instant pudding instead of quick cook pudding; I am now slightly afraid to eat it. Thanks to Sister #2 for failing to include that important piece of information in the recipe. Who the hell buys the cookable kind of pudding anymore?

Have to remember to tape Queer Eye tonight: I can't WAIT to see how they make over Damon and Co. Too bad they couldn't get him to cut that Prince Valiant 'do he has been sporting.

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