Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to school

My youngest sister had her first week teaching last week; she is teaching history to high school freshmen. That is something totally unappealing to me, but she seems to really like it, although there definitely are some interesting people in her class, like the 14 year old girl who is pregnant. Just hearing about that person made my uterus give an involuntary spasm. (No babies, no babies.)

I was in my car driving late last night, and I started to think about what I would want to teach if I were a high school teacher. Hands down it would be geometry. I would explain that solving proofs is just like playing "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". Instead of connecting movie stars through films, you connect (or prove) statements through theorums. I wish someone had told me that in high school; I would have gotten "A"s right off!

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