Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday CD releases

I discovered today that all of the "House" series from PBS are available on Netflix. This means that I can watch Manor House and Regency House Party over and over and over...
This news should not make me as happy as it does.

I went across the river to Virgin Records to pick up the new Madonna and the new Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. SIGH. Mr. Darcy. SIGH. I also picked up a copy of the December issue of Empire, which posed a bit of a quandry as I had to choose betwen the Harry Potter cover and the Aslan cover. Who came up with that idea?!? Would you ask a carbaholic to choose between mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese?!?! I mean, really! Anyhow, I chose Harry Potter, simply because it comes out on Friday.

When I was paying for my items, the guy at the register called me "ma'am", and that bothered me. Do I really look old enough to be a "ma'am"?? (That was hypothetical.) C'mon, guy, I am still a punk rocker at heart. Do you call Henry Rollins "sir"? Okay, you probably SHOULD because he might kick your ass or something.

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