Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Boston beat

I had to go out of the office at lunch time today for an appointment at the chiropractors. Because the doctor's office is about a half hour drive from work, I take a long lunch hour and have been known to pop into the drive through at the MacDonald's next door for a lunchtime treat. Has anyone else noticed the rising cost of lunch at MacDonald's? I had a small McNuggets and a small shake, and it cost nearly $6. So much for fast and cheap. The service today was neither. Still, it was real tasty.
::Stop shaking your heads. I went to the gym yesterday and am going again tomorrow morning.::

Too late after my tire popping episode on the streets of Boston, I found out that the City will allow you to make a claim against them for pothole damage to your car! You have to be within the time frame, and they have to have known about the pothole beforehand. (Personally, I think that they should take your word for it. This city is LITTERED with potholes.)

I made the mistake of going to the Boston Crime website and looking at the entry for my neighborhood. Sister K asked me the other night if I felt safe walking around my neighborhood at night, and I assured her that I had never had any problems other than the occassional leer, unlike Sister B who gets harrassed by US Airmen while walking her dog at dusk in Virginia, although that is another story. But now, I feel a little more concerned about the 'hood, especially when you read things like: Sun, 11/13/05 9:00:00 PM ASSAULT & BATTERY D/W - OTHER ON MY CORNER!! on a Sunday night!!! (although maybe somehow it was football related. That would be okay.)


  1. So of course I checked mine after seeing this entry -- it cracked me up that in the right-hand margin are ads for knife merchants since the content is all "assault, knife" etc. Any idea what D/W means? It's all over the crime report for my 'hood --

  2. I am assuming that "D/W" is a "deadly weapon". ::MEEP::

  3. I was sorry when I came to that conclusion. Then again, someone's hands could be considered a deadly weapon...if they were a blackbelt.




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