Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to reality

Last night, I watched a bit of the Golden Globes pre-show and then the actual awards, although I was feeling rather under the weather so I wasn't paying 100% attention. In fact, I purposefully tuned out Joan Rivers on the TV Guide channel who, when speaking with Emma Thompson and Colin Firth, introduced Firth as Thompson's husband Greg Wise, was corrected by ET, and then started to talk to Firth about Pride and Prejudice, the film, in which he didn't appear. I was horrified!!! My poor lovelies. Granted Firth has looked better (in DESPERATE need of a shave,) but Joan, I think that all of those facelifts have done something to your BRAIN. There were a lot of British people there, Joan; next time, you might want to take me along to write your notecards. URGH.

Oddly, this year, I am not as into these awards as I have been in the past; then again, I have no one film that I was backing wholeheartedly. I was so pleased that both Rachel Weisz and George Clooney won supporting actor awards. Not only were they both deserving, but way to make a subtle political statement, Hollywood Foreign Press!! I was rooting for both The Constant Gardener and Pride and Prejudice,and basically anything else by or with British people (Mrs. Hendersen, "Girl in the Cafe".) I was out Britished of course, by Gwyneth Paltrow, who is perhaps the one American on the planet who wants to be English more than I do. Yes, we know that it is "Antony" dear, but let's remember that old "Saturday Night Live" monologue: you can do the accent, but you are still a Yank.

The temperature dropped 50 degrees on Saturday night. It wasn't pleasant. It still isn't pleasant. At least it is sunny. But I am glad that I have lined gloves.

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