Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fit and Fabulous

At work, they have restarted the "Get Fit" program that they had last winter/spring. I participated on a team with several of my colleagues here, and I did pretty well. I wasn't "awesome athletic girl" by any stretch of the imagination, but I did do my minimum three hours a week of exercise that I was committed to, even when I was on vacation.

It was this program that made me realize that exercise actually makes you feel good and isn't something to be avoided at all costs. Imagine this coming from the person who is loathe to get off the couch during Masterpiece Theater to retreive the boiling water to make a cup of tea. I have also learned that the cross ramp machine is a really great place to burn off the stress of the day.

In a very ironic sort of way, I have been made the new team captain. Which is sort of funny, me being the team motivator, when it is the team itself that motivates I am motivated by the guilt I will feel for letting the team down by NOT completing my required exercise time. This is why I never used to be a joiner in the first place; curse other people who rely on my help! ;)

I spent 50 minutes on the elipitical machine yesterday, and I felt REALLY good and am suffering no after-effects today. I was inspired during my workout to compile a couple of cardio mixes to distribute to my team, so not only will they be motivated, but they will be bribed with good music to exercise. Oh, how I love the rewards system.

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  1. ooooo, fun new design! I like it a lot! (last sentence made to be said in that voice that Jessie used to use)



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