Monday, January 9, 2006

Happy Mondays

Over the weekend, I had a couple of firsts. I had my first gathering at my place in the new year. I thought it was going to be a party, but then I was afraid it was going to be a soiree, so I was rather glad to get a few last minute RSVPs and have it be a gathering. It also was the first soiree/party/gathering I have ever had where I didn't eat too much, drink too much or generally get overly uptight about how the party was going and were people having a good time. I just let it develop on its own, and it worked out very nicely. There is a large part of me that is very "Martha Stewart, overly-controlling, things must be beautiful and perfect or else" when it comes to planning parties at my home, and I don't know how or why it happened, but somehow that got totally supressed. I just was utterly impressed with myself. I even didn't get all that upset that our team was slaughtered in Trivial Pursuit; dare I say that I might just be growing up?

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to any open houses yesterday. It wasn't just me though; I still hadn't gotten the e-mail of places to go from my realtor when I checked my e-mail at 11.00 am. Anyhow, I feel that cancels out all blame, and we have a fresh start again this week.

Last night I caught Raising Helen on cable, and after watching it, I realized that I have entirely all of the wrong shoes for a young urban woman. I am no longer the gal who hangs out with mods and punks and skinheads (albeit not the rascist kind,) and therefore I no longer need to wear Doc Martens to excess. I need to get me some fun, sexy and yet not painful footwear. The movie for me was an ode to shoes, and I am ready to start writing my own. [Also, how does John Corbett manage to get sexier the older he gets? He was so hot on "Northern Exposure", but now he is just hot and funny and nice. (I will never understand how Carrie let him go on "Sex and the City".)]

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