Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holiday Weekend

I haven't posted much of late, mostly due to being too lazy and not having all that much to reflect on.

This weekend, however, I was utterly rejuvenated by my college core group of friends. "Raquel", "Molly" and I headed out to Nantucket on Saturday morning to meet up with "JLou" and "Suzer" and "Jo" to have a pre-10 year reunion (this coming Saturday,) "Suite 102" reunion. We reminisced about school, napped, watched cheesy Lifetime television movies about teenagers and sex and syphilis, tried to find a baby name for Raquel's unborn child (due in July,) Googled to find a father for Jo's baby (with her partner,) ate TONS of dip and crackers and Peanut Butter M&Ms, went to the beach, drove around town looking for boys designated by code names like "Levy" and "Blue Devil", talked about bad and good things going on with our lives, and basically laughed and laughed until I got the hiccups and started to cry from laughing so hard.

When I got back after the seven hour commute from the island, I discovered that my apartment was an oven, so I threw open all the windows and made some iced tea, the first of the season! Then I watched Stage Beauty, which I found surprisingly good... surprising because I have been disappointed by much of Claire Danes work post "My So-Called Life", but she was very good, and Billy Crudup, despite the whole break up with (goddess) Mary Louise Parker, was really outstanding! I had forgotten that I had done a whole research project my sophomore year of college about men as women on the stage in Elizabethan and Jacobean England (from a costuming perspective), and there was so much in the film that resonated with my (long-forgotten) research. The last 15 minutes of the film was really great - the rehearsal and ultimately the "truest" performance of Othello. I need to see some Shakespeare live; it has been too long.

After such a great time, I feel the absence of my friends, but I also have the reserves to attack this week and make it a great one. And anyhow, I will see most of them again on Saturday at the reunion!

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