Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Celebrity Snarking and Responsibility

The past few weeks my colleagues and I have spent a lot of time celebrity snarking. Between Britney Spears' in and out of rehab, Anna Nicole Smith's death, and Tom Brady's babydaddy, we have had PLENTY of fodder. Then on Monday, there was Bobby Brown's arrest here in Massachusetts for not paying child support. These people are too stupid for words.

But you know what? I am getting really sick of celebrities getting loads attention for acting utterly irresponsibly. Where are the people being noted for being good parents, or helping people end drug addiction, or excelling as teachers in the public school system?? Schaudenfreude is all well and good, and I admit that I indulge in my fair share of it, but I really think that we need to celebrate successes more than failures. It is the only way to shake off this feeling of "nothing I do is going to make a difference" that I seem to walk around with.

I think that the stalkerazzi need to start going around taking photos of school crossing guards and the volunteers in town libraries. And maybe they should also give them some swag.

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