Thursday, August 9, 2007

I almost HAD it.

So last night, in my on-going struggle with the geography of Somerville, Mass, I had a major breakthrough. Now my problem with Somerville is two fold.
First: I know only one way how to get most places in Somerville, and it either involves Mass Ave. or Prospect St. or both.
Secondly: Somerville is divided by Cambridge in several spots, and it took me FOREVER to understand Cambridge. I was a strictly south side of the river gal for a very long time.

I was driving my friend ManaMana home after we had gone to visit a friend, and we were going from Kendall Square to Davis Square. On the trip, I realized that we were going through Inman into Union continuing into Porter by taking Hampshire which turned into Beacon, and then I recognized my old friends Cooking Jim and Jimmy Jax's old neighborhoods. And we hadn't even approached them from Mass Ave. WHO KNEW?

And who knew that either of of those guys lived so close to Davis?? I even revealed to ManaMana that I only knew how to get to Jimmy Jax's house because the streets had something to do with Val Kilmer roles: Willow to Morrison. And it turns out that ManaMana's new place is right in that same neighborhood. Small world.

On my way driving home, I did have a moment of panic. I couldn't remember exactly how to get home from where Jimmy used to live so I ended up on Highland Ave and ended up on Rt 28. I always think that is going to dump me on the west side of Lechmere Station, but is really is the east side. I ended up taking Mem Drive home from there.

The best part of this adventure, other than finally starting to get a strong mental picture of how all of these squares are related to each other outside of Mass Ave is that I didn't even need to call Punk Rock Mom to get home. I am sure she appreciated THAT.

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  1. So, they have this great new technology...called a MAP. It might give you a whole new perspective. I lived in Somerville 10 years ago, so it has been more than a decade that you have been trying to figure this out, just to give you a little perspective.
    I do have some empathy as I remember when I first moved there and I had a panicky night not being able to find my way home and no one to one else knew where I lived either.
    I wish you the best of luck and keep those phone numbers handy just in case.



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