Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Old Buildings Have Their Charm

The office I in which I work is in an old academic building, and the infrastructure is a bit antiquated. Over the four day holiday weekend, a lock on one of the windows came loose, and the window blew open and stayed open. All weekend.

It was 50 degrees F in the office when I came in just before 9am. It is now about 63. I have on my hat and scarf and am sitting in front of the heater which needs a serious jump start.

I think that I might travel down the hall in a little while, in search of a reasonable temperature. Oddly, this reminds me of senior year of college when our dorm couldn't manage to regulate the heat in the building properly, and we were either sweating or wrapped up in wool.

ETA. A colleague just came in to let me know that SHE opened the window because she noticed that a BIRD had gotten into our office over the weekend, through a different window that someone else had left open in our suite. Thank GOD she did because, if I had come in this morning to find a bird in here, I would have DIED. Irrational fears may be irrational, but that would NOT have been a very good start to the new year.


  1. My friends had a squirrel in their house recently. Twice! He jumped from the couch to the curtains to the Christmas tree! Oh my!!

  2. But she might have let more birds into the building by openening another window, then where would you be? It's a flawed policy. You should have a meeting! Maybe a sign below the bigger windows: "no buzzard admittance"

  3. I remember how cold our suite would get....typing at our computers with hats and gloves. Coming in from the outdoors and stopping at the coat hook to add layers not remove them. Brrrr.



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