Monday, June 23, 2008

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate...

Last Wednesday, I was called to Boston Superior Court for jury duty. I got there just after 8am, having been kept up a significant portion of the evening by people in the streets celebrating the Celtics victory (I was happy, but annoyed at the same time.) I brought an Agatha Christie novel (about as close to crime as I like to get) and hoped that my number would not be called to be empaneled. As luck would have it, I missed out on being empaneled on the first two juries called, and the last three cases settled. The last one to settle was a criminal case that would have required 90 jurors; what did those guys do? I am glad they took the plea; it was all very "Law & Order."

Anyhow, when we were finally done for the day, I took the opportunity to grab a bite to eat in Quincy Market, and then walked over to Talbots in Downtown Crossing, where I picked up a tee shirt to replace one I had ruined earlier in the week. (They had some really nice, high quality, keep their shape, bright colored tee shirts at Talbots, on sale!)

I was dressed that day somewhat like a Talbots' advertisement. I had on a floral long sleeved blouse, a pair of cuffed navy slacks, brown boots, a white cardigan tied around my shoulders, and I was wearing my pearls and pearl earrings. Needless to say, I was the most conservatively dressed person at jury duty, which consisted mostly of people wearing either tee shirts and jeans or shorts or capris. One lady was wearing a suit, but it wasn't a conservative one. I was also carrying my summer Coach purse. (Thanks, overtime!)

As I headed for the Park Street T station, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and spied my friend Sauce, who was with two of his lawyer colleagues. I had tried calling him earlier on one of the jury duty breaks to see if he had wanted to meet me for lunch, but I had gotten his voice mail instead. Sauce took one look at my outfit and realized that it must have been my day for jury duty service. "You look like you just escaped from the Junior League."

I countered with, "I was thinking more like the Connecticut Ladies Rotary. Please take note of the pearls. Or the Young Republicans." I made a face.

He then observed the Talbots bag hanging loosely over my shoulder. "Is that a prop!?!" he exclaimed, much to my embarrassment. I told him and his colleagues about my run into Talbots, multi-tasking as I was in town. They congratulated me on being released early, and Sauce and I said we would catch up soon. They continued on in the direction of the courthouse, while I headed home to take a much needed nap.

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