Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playing the "Grown Up" Card

My friend JR sent me a link to this story about "being an adult" on the Dooce blog today. (The post is about having low/zero tolerance for jerky behavior at concerts. I am so there.)

The post is prefaced with this: See if you can get through this post of his without using Google. Go ahead. Try it. See?

Uh, I didn't need to Google anything. I didn't get why people needed Google. Was it because of the bands? Clearly, I am still a hipster then! :-) A crabby adult hipster, but a hipster all the same. ;-) (Seriously, does this make me still a hipster that I knew all the band references in the article? I thought that all of them were fairly mainstream. Or maybe I just listen to the right radio stations, thank you Paul Driscoll on WFNX.)

The post though is really relevant to me today. I talked myself out of going to see The Fratellis tonight at the Paradise because I didn't want to deal with jerky concert goers in this heat.

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