Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's a Wicked Pissah

So last night after work, I drive over to my favorite supermarket, the Shaw's at Brighton Mills. Recently, they have been doing some renovations to the store, which has made it a little bit tricky to figure where one actually finds the pasta, for example. (There is no longer a fancy international aisle, but there is an Italian section; oddly enough, that is where the canned tomatoes are too. Why they are not with the rest of the canned fruits and vegetables, I don't know. But I digress.)

The renovations on the whole are aesthetically pleasing, but not the best structurally (some of the aisles are too narrow while others are huge). The lighting seems to be better, and with everything being new, the store is clean and pretty.

It wasn't until I went to check out of the store that I noticed something big. Something bigger than the new deli counter or the new pharmacy area. According to all the registers, my Shaw's was now a Star Market! Again. Somehow, I had completely missed the brand new sign on the front of the store.

It was a Star when I first started shopping there, and it took me ages to get used to calling the store Shaw's, and now I love my Shaw's, and it is Star Market again. Did I miss an announcement about this? The Shaw's in Packard's Corner is still Shaw's; I made sure to check on my way into work today. I wonder if that is going to change back too?

I tell you one thing: they better not be getting rid of the Shaw's brand French Onion dip; it's a winnah!

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