Monday, November 10, 2008

How much I do hate urban animals

I had to take my car into the dealer's last week Friday, after a warning light came on that basically said, "Drive me and DIE!!!!!" (sometimes called the oil pressure sensor.) When I opened up the hood to take a look, I immediately noticed a large piece of cardboard on top of the engine. Uh, that wasn't there two weeks ago when I took my car in for service. Also, there was a funny smell of something decaying.

Yes, true reader, you might have guessed it - a rat tried to turn my engine into its nest. ICK & GAG!! GAG & ICK!!! Thankfully, it died in there. Unfortunately, it also chewed through a lot of wiring in the car. And Audi still hasn't called me with an estimate about the repairs.

My stomach hurts.

I emailed my property manager telling them that I want rodent extermination escalated. I only hope my insurance will cover the repairs.

Thanks to Flickr for the photo.

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