Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

I honestly don't know why I watch TV programs. The ones I like invariably are not what mainstream TV viewers want to watch and get canceled. (Sorry, "American Idol" fans.) My newest love lost: Joss Wheedon's "Dollhouse". It took a while for me to get into the show, but now I think that it is very entertaining. I guess the ratings aren't there, but what young hipster is really watching TV on a Friday night at 9pm? I DVR it, as I suspect a large number of people are also doing. (But I DVR it mostly because I end up falling asleep around 9pm on a Friday.)

It is very character driven, which is typical of a Wheedon show - yes, there is plot and action, but the characters are what make the show. In particular, I LOVE Olivia Williams as the queen bitch operations manager of the Dollhouse!!! She is such fun to watch. And, of course, the fantastic Amy Acker from "Angel" and "Alias".

I will not get my hopes up that this show will be around for a second season, but I do hope that FOX will keep the show on through the complete first season and not take it off the air until it is over, unlike what they did with "Firefly". I would have thought that after FOX butchered "Firefly", Wheedon wouldn't have gone back to them with this new show, but maybe they are the only ones willing to take the chance on something outside the realm of the same old/same old. Personally, I think that this show would be perfectly paired with "Fringe", which I keep forgetting about because it is on with "Idol", which I have never seen.

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  1. We tried to like the Dollhouse, but we just couldn't understand it. It was too hard for us to get into, and we tried. We watched 2 episodes and we still couldn't figure it out.
    We like is way simpler, especially with an infant interrupting every few minutes. LOL!



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