Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Six things that are making me smile

I haven't done this in a while. These are little things that are making life fun right about now.

  • New little blue iPod nano that I won in a raffle at work. I had been thinking about upgrading to one of the new nanos and couldn't believe my good fortune when I won it!! One of my favorite phrases in the English language is "for free".

  • Cocktails made with St. Germain: "made from the elderflower, picked in the Alps". This stuff is just SO amazingly good; shout out to JR for introducing me.

  • Avocados from Mexico. Don't be fooled by the ones from Chile; they aren't as good as the ones from our North American neighbors to the south. This fact was pointed out to me by MEM, and she is right. Mexico, 1; Chile, 0 in the World Cup of Vegetables.

  • "Arrested Development" reruns on the Independent Film Channel. Yes, I am wicked late to jump on this bandwagon, but this show is seriously hysterical, and better late than never, right? I suppose this means that I need to start watching "30 Rock" now, too?

  • "Today in the Past" podcast with John Hodgman. If you aren't getting this, you should be. It is just a short silly, little thing every day, but it usually prompts a giggle. I love John as the PC in those Mac computer commercials and as the dad in Coraline.

  • The mantle over my fireplace, decorated for the winter. Part of this is that it looks pretty, and part of it is that I spent so little to get it to look like this. Bless after Christmas sales.
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    1. Today at the Friendly Toast, there was a St. Germain french toast special! It was a bit too dessert-y for me at the time, and the thought of it kind of make my teeth hurt. But at the same time, I am intrigued . . .



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