Friday, January 8, 2010

"Traveling to new and exotic locations... like Milwaukee"*

My passport was going to expire in March so, just before Christmas, I had new photos taken and sent off my renewal application to the U.S. State Department. It was kind of hard for me to do because I had to send my current passport off with the application.

Even though it was gone for a only couple of weeks (despite the holidays - well done, Passport Office!), not having my passport was an uncomfortable experience. It actually made me anxious to give up my passport, even though I knew that I would be getting a new one in its place. What if I wanted to jet off to the Caribbean on a whim? Or the Riviera? Or even just drive up to Montreal for a weekend? I wouldn't be able to! It isn't like I actually do go gallivanting off to another country on a whim, but having one's passport allows for the opportunity of doing so. Freedom to travel is one of those amazing things that you can take for granted until your ability to do so is effected.

Fortunately, I received my updated passport in the mail last week, and my old passport was returned the following day. That old passport (my first) is something I plan to hold on to; I put it in with the photo albums of the wonderful trips I took using it. And I plan to start filling up the new one with stamps from visits to new places this fall!

*[Can you name the film from which the quote used as the title of this entry comes? Comments are love.] ETA: Give up? While You Were Sleeping

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