Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Checking out the MFA

I had yesterday off for the Presidents' Day holiday, and, because I had been home fighting a cold most of the weekend, I really needed to get out of the house, even if it was just for a few hours. I hadn't been to the Museum of Fine Arts in ages, and, as I can usually find something to appeal to me there, I drove down to the Fenway yesterday afternoon.

Note to self: holiday+school vacation week=crowds at the MFA, which is excellent for them, but crappy for me. I checked out the Secrets of the Tomb exhibit, which I think I would have enjoyed more if there were fewer people and a mummy to see. I love mummies, and I didn't realize that there wasn't actually one in the exhibit so I am passing this information on so that others will not be disappointed. (Speaking of which, I read these articles that researchers now know how King Tut died. Seriously cool.) On the other hand, the stuff that was found in this tomb was amazingly restored by conservationists (after a fire by grave robbers in ancient times), and I enjoyed how they recreated how some of the items looked in situ by using photos from the dig.

I love the "new" Fenway entrance to the MFA. The neoclassical facade is really impressive (reminds me of another impressive neoclassical building across the river), and the Fens from this vantage point is pretty too. (I am sure it will be beautiful come spring/summer.)

MFA, Fenway entrance MFA, Fenway entrance
MFA, Fenway entrance The Fens

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