Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now that's just mean

I heard the weirdest kid name ever yesterday. A friend of mine has a sister who is a social worker for children; this woman has a child client named "Je nais se quoi" (I kid you not), except it is spelled phonetically, so it must look something like "Jennaysayqua".

Fo reelz, peeps. (And I thought that I had a hard time on the school playground.)

When the social worker sister asked the child's mother how to pronounce her daughter's name, the mom looked at her like she was nuts and told her, saying "it's French." Honestly, I give SisterSocialWorker props for taking this is stride because at that point I would have LOST it.

I wonder if later on in life this child is going to change her name to "Mary". (Even "Jenny" would be an improvement.)


  1. LOL!! That is great!
    That's right up there with orangejello and lemonjello.

  2. You don't know people with those names, do you? Oh wow.



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