Monday, March 15, 2010

"Oh, Boston, you're my home"

Friday evening, while the weather was still sunny and warm, I walked from work in Cambridge to my haircut on Newbury Street, and, rather uncharacteristically, I pulled out my camera as I walked. I have a tendency when walking in town to walk "with purpose" and that means getting where I need to go when I need to be there without walking into anyone or tripping over anything. (I am operating on a schedule, after all.) However, I find that when I have my camera out that I tend to become much more engaged with my surroundings than I normally would.

I uploaded all my photos to my Flickr site, but here are two of my favorite. The slightly incongruous mix of old and new is just so Boston to me.

Newbury and Berkeley Streets Newbury and Berkeley Streets

1 comment:

  1. These are getting me really excited to visit later this year! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for all your recs, as well!



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