Monday, March 1, 2010

The folks at Campbell's got it right; Soup IS good food.

My infamous cold returned at the end of last week, and I once again spent the weekend at home, either napping on the couch or sleeping in my bed. I did manage to read more of our book club book, The Shipping News by Annie Proulx (although I missed the meeting on Saturday afternoon), which I am thoroughly enjoying.

I needed to get some nourishment from something other than the Lipton chicken soup I drank all day Saturday so on Sunday I made the white bean soup recipe from the Williams Sonoma catalog. Needless to say because I made it when I was feeling ill, it is really easy to do. (Plus, with chicken broth, garlic, and root veggies, plus the beans all pureed up, it is very healthy.) I ate it with just some plain toast rather than with the roasted red pepper tapenade as the recipe suggested; will save that for when I am feeling better. Instead of grating the parmesan into the soup, I shaved it with a vegetable peeler (a Sister K trick) and sprinkled it on top, adding lots of fresh ground pepper. Mmm, delicious, thank you.

White bean soup

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